Sunday, September 19, 2010

98 Toyota Sienna Van Tail light Replacement. Also Dome light replacement

To replace the brake and turn signal bulbs the entire assembly must be removed. Each assembly is held in by 2 bots and 2 pins

The two bolts are 10mm. The plastic pins that are also holding in the assembly are perpendicular (90 degrees) to the bolts. When prying, pry the assembly away from the side of the car(perpendicular to the axis of the bolts) Pry a little at the top and then switch to the bottom and repeat until the pins pop out. Be carefull not to bend the plastic flap where the bolts are attached.

The lights are Philips numbers 1156 and 1157. Replace all of them.

The Dome lights are covered by a small plastic lens. This pops out with a screw driver. Be careful because the tabs will break easily. Pry the tabs on the ends closest to the sides of the vans first. Press toward the light. It should swing down. Now gently ease out the side snaps.

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