Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2004 Sienna Key fob receiver repair Solved 2005 2006 2007 2008 LE XLE CE

My wife had the reciever go out on our 2004 Toyota Sienna. After about 2 hours of searching I found the following fix. This worked and was the only reference I found. I have added some details to the fix. Please read the following before moving away from blog.

I did the procedure at the link below on my 2004 Toyota Scienna XLE and it worked great.  My wife thinks I am genius.

The way to get your van to respond to the key fob is to unplug a wire behind the radio and plug it back in.

Anyway a couple things to add. 
Unplug the communication wire behind the radio. More specifically the receiver is a white plastic box about 3x3x1 inches. There is only one connector going into the white housing. It has five wires in the one connector. Right above the transmitter is another larger box with about 4 connectors going into it. When I pulled the communication wire out it felt a little loose. I suspect that it had vibrated loose.

Toyota stealer wanted $90.00 just to inspect the system.

Lastly, the way you know the problem is with the receiver (Part on the vehicle) and not the key fob is that your doors will not lock and unlock after completing the re-programming sequence. This was only obvious to me after a few runs through the programming sequence with no response. I figured out that the sequence does not even use the key fob up to that point.  The programming sequence is just a long series of doing things any driver does on a regular basis, unlocking doors, turning the key, opening doors.  No degree in computer science is required.

One more thing, I found a great video for the programming sequence, for those who hate reading directions

How to remove radio video is below. These directions are great, except for a couple of things. One you can use a butter knife to pry out the panels. No need to buy the special tool. The other thing is you do not need to remove any connectors from the radio or side panels. Just place everything to the side with wires attached.


Thanks to all!!

Reference to the Receiver Solution Below


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  2. This worked great! I was all ready to order a new remote when I stumbled on this.Thanks for the detailed and accurate instructions.

  3. One tip when taking out the 2 deeper radio bolts, I folded a piece of paper towel used it to cover the gaps around the bolt. That way if it slipped out of my hand while working on the bolt, it wouldn't clank down into no-man's land somewhere behind the dashboard.

  4. Thank you very much for the detailed information. The Toyota dealership in silver spring,MD charged us $160.00 for a diagnosis and told us to buy a new receiver for $1200.00. We stumbled into this forum by chance and it worked perfect. Very helpful instruction! From a greatful wife!!!!